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This weekend look up to the sky, it’s European Heritage day!
We must celebrate and enjoy our cultures, histories and traditions. #WorldHeritageDay #ActWithENGIE

Research and innovation are key to drive the group in tomorrow's world, which involves investing in our employees' energy and ideas.Together we will take the lead for a new carbon neutral world. #AcWithENGIE

Our digital activities have a real impact on the environment.
What can we change to reduce these greenhouse gas emissions?

1️⃣st we can extend the use of our devices to limit the emissions during their production phase. #GreenerDigital

Rejoignez le mouvement #GreenerDigital pour une utilisation du numérique raisonnée, et découvrez quelques gestes simples pour optimiser vos usages.
Copiez, collez et cochez vos To Do du programme
🔽 [THREAD] 🔽

Did you know:
Our digital activities have a carbon footprint.
What is their impact?
@ClimateCare explains everything in its infographic ⬇️ #GreenerDigital #ActWithENGIE https://climatecare.org/infographic-the-carbon-footprint-of-the-internet/

Chez ENGIE, nous sommes convaincus que la sobriété numérique a un rôle à jouer dans la #TransitionEnergétique. Chacun peut y contribuer, rejoignez-le mouvement #GreenerDigital et RDV demain pour en découvrir plus. #ActWithENGIE

Quelques actions recommandées pour déjouer les pièges des fabricants :

1️⃣ Résistez à la nouveauté, l’innovation des smartphones est incrémentale
2️⃣ Pensez à le réparer 🔨en l’apportant dans un #repaircafé
3️⃣ Achetez des appareils reconditionnés

#GreenerDigital #ActWithEngie

#Energy is at the heart of our daily day lives. On the other hand, the effects of pollution are ubiquitous.
At ENGIE, we are convinced that we must be on the frontline for a sustainable revolution through innovation and research. #ActWithENGIE

ENGIE and @ArianeGroup have just announced the signing of a cooperation agreement in the field of renewable liquid #hydrogen to speed up the decarbonisation of heavy-duty and long-distance transportation. #ActWithENGIE https://www.engie.com/en/journalists/press-releases/arianegroup-renewable-liquid-hydrogen?utm_source=TW&utm_medium=Institutionnel&utm_campaign=SocialNewsroom&utm_term=ArianeGroup&utm_content=Post

📢[CP] @ENGIEgroup et @ArianeGroup s’associent dans le domaine de l’#hydrogène liquéfié renouvelable

At ENGIE, our cloud infrastructure team is continuously working on the performance of our datacenters.
According to you, by decreasing our sites from 11 to 4:
By how much have we reduced our electricity consumption?

In 2018, we entered into a historic 50-year strategic alliance with @springfieldQLD to develop the net zero energy city of the future.
This project is our 1st "BETTER Cities" project in #Australia, let's discover more ⬇️
#ActWithENGIE https://www.engie.com/en/journalists/press-releases/partners-greater-springfield-australia-zero-net-energy-city

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